• Learn The Advantages of Heroism in Life

    Should You Be A Hero?


Your victory in life depends on your heroism.

Your happiness

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research to the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific system of dream interpretation which teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so you can find health, happiness and wisdom. You should be a hero as you realize that happiness is much more important than anything else.

Authentic happiness

You cannot be indifferent to your fate and simply adhere to the ridiculous mindset of the modern civilization. You'll never find authentic happiness in life if you'll imitate the idols of the absurd world. When you're a hero, you aren't mad. You know that you're in a dangerous planet because human beings are dangerous creatures. You must work on transforming your personality if you want a better destiny.

Dream interpretation

You'll be guided with the divine unconscious mind that generates your dreams in the event that you'll study for some time the significance of dreams in line with the scientific technique of dream interpretation. You also detect the depth of the human distress, understanding how impotent you're before numerous horrors.

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You're a hero

After verifying that I had inherited so much absurdity into my anti-conscience, it was a big relief to see I might be a human being and extend my service for those who were desperate because they had severe issues. When you're a hero and you help others you become a superior individual. You stop complaining about your ridiculous problems, understanding that there are lots of excruciating circumstances in a individual's life.

Solve problems

You quit complaining whenever you confront sad situations. You learn how to simply solve all existing problems without whining. The bitter reality is that if you turn into a hero, you have to be a superior individual, even if you are not. You don't have another alternative. You also need to behave and transform your personality, besides assisting the entire world.

What I learned?


You have to help the world discover wisdom. Your example is extremely important. I learned how to be a person who never abandons anyone. This was very hard and it involved many sacrifices. However, this attitude helped me feel better about myself. It turned out to be a major reward for me personally to observe my actions were lucky, and my presence was blessed. It was good to be great. You ought to be a hero if you would like to evolve. If you'll be like the normal person in our world, you won't find peace, love and happiness.



This is quite disappointing, but you have to understand the truth rather than believing in illusions. When you are a hero, you give hope to humanity. I needed to be a hero when I was young because I had to fight schizophrenia before becoming schizophrenic like my dad. At that moment, being a hero was very difficult. But today I am more than thankful because I passed psychotherapy and I ceased being the cruel creature I was before following dream therapy.

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Superior individual


When you're a hero, you're not a passive and idle victim. You do exactly what you want and also you attain your goals. You don't accept to die because you don't have any courage to reach the life you deserve. But, the truth is that just once you accept all obstacles with courage and you consistently behave like a hero, is it a superior individual. You have to be a hero if you don't want to be an insensitive creature. When you are a hero, you're a man or woman that has a strong personality. You are not a puppet. Do not be a lazy coward.

Your sincerity provides you wisdom and balance.

Don't follow the ridiculous mindset of the present civilization. Be a hero, and save in the beginning. The divine unconscious mind makes it possible to confront tragic situations when you're helping others by providing you information and guidance about them on your own dreams. You learn everything you want to know (but they never tell you) about their psychological condition and their lives. When you're a hero you are not a disgusting hypocrite. Whenever you are a hero you are sincere.

The divine unconscious head makes you quit, and think. You have to understand the meaning of your lifetime. The divine unconscious mind will reveal to you in fantasies what you've got to perform in order to differ, rather than passively accepting the absurd notions of the mad universe.

You have to escape the horrible destiny of your own ancestors. You need to be a hero as you reside in a very dangerous world, and as you have to get rid of the absurdity you've inherited into your anti-conscience.

You also have to assist others since most people want help. You don't seem to have any benefits when you're a hero because you need to accept to be in a poor position.

Good luck!